The Lemosho Route – Best for Beginners

For many years now climbing Kilimanjaro has been widely popular with the fans of active leisure. There are a few climbing routes available at present. The Lemosho Route is one of the newly opened itineraries. The Lemosho route is considered to be one of the most picturesque routes for Mount Kilimanjaro hike with breathtaking views overlooking various sides of the mountain. It has been specially designed to allow for the climbers’ smoother adaptation to the severe high-altitude conditions. The tour takes 7-8 days.

The Marangu Route otherwise referred to as the “Coca Cola Route” is the most popular climbing route, which the climbers surmount in 5-6 days. The so-called “Whisky Route” or the Machame Route is no less popular, but far from easy, though it takes a little more time than the first one: 6-7 days. There’s just one route on the Northern slope of the mountain, which is the Rongai Route. The tourists overcome it in 5-6 days on average. The Umbwe Route is among the most challenging ones, running through thick jungle and thus requiring certain physical aptitude. When hiking Kilimanjaro many tourists need some time to get used to the alpine climate in order to avoid altitude sickness.

The Advantages of the Lemosho Route

If you take your chance on the Kilimanjaro hike for the the first time, the Lemosho Route is worth your attention. It offers a number of advantages.

  • Little congestion
  • Picturesque views overlooking various sides of the mountain
  • Moderate complexity
  • Appropriate acclimatization schedule that heightens the success rate

Generally, for the Lemosho Route 8 days is the ideal period for the ascent, however some operators offer 6 day routes as a cheaper option. The Lemosho Route starts at a higher altitude than most others, but the climbers obviously benefit from proper acclimatization, so it should be said that the success rate is considerably higher with 7 and 8 day itineraries, than in case of 6 day tours. The stats speak for themselves: 90% of climbers reach the peak in 8 days, 85% succeed in the Lemosho Route 7-day tours and only 65% step on the top after 6 days of climbing.

Must Sees During the Kilimanjaro Hike Following the Lemosho Route

When you climb Kilimanjaro via Lemosho Route, you go through all climatic zones existing on our planet. Flora and fauna in the Mount Kilimanjaro region are highly rich and varied. The base of Kilimanjaro, which is still 1000 meters above the sea level, is covered by savannas inhabited by leopards, monkeys, honey badgers and servals. The altitude of 1800 meters is possessed by humid equatorial forests and at the height of 2800-4000 meters is the territory of alpine swamps and meadows, covered by bright exotic flowers. Here you can find lions, elephants, giraffes, as well as certain species of gnawers.

Closer to the top, starting at 4400 meters you enter the kingdom of mountainous deserts, where the only survivors are high-altitude lichen and moss. The world of snow and ice is above this level, where you can see nothing but glaciers and frozen rocks.

Hiking Kilimanjaro – A Perfect Challenge

Hiking Kilimanjaro on the Lemosho Route is an ideal opportunity to test your strength and challenge yourself. Those who have reached the top of Kilimanjaro and looked down from above the clouds say that the view is indeed breathtaking. If you happen to be on the spot of a night thunder you can behold a fabulous view and be amazed by the starry sky of the Southern hemisphere, something absolutely novel for northern people.


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