Video of the week: Climbing Kilimanjaro: 6-day Lemosho Trek Overview

The Lemosho Route is one of the most extended, exciting and picturesque routes on the Shira Plateau. Climbers opt for Lemosho to reach the Western Fault or Kibo, following the southern detour route and eventually appear on the Barafu Route. The route leads through the entire Shira Plateau from the west to the east.  

Advantages of the Lemosho Route:

  • Magnificent landscape views from various sides of Mount Kilimanjaro;
  • Little traffic up to the point where it joins the Machame Route;
  • Smooth and safe acclimatization, which significantly increases the chances of a successful outcome for climbers with average physical training.  

One of the most scenic routes takes its rise at the Londorossi Gate National Park. The first two days the climbers trek through a tropical forest up to Sira 2 Camp (3900 m). This is one of the few routes where on the first day the groups can be accompanied by an armed ranger, considering the fact that the forests around Lemosho are full of buffaloes, elephants and other large animals. Further on Lemosho stretches along the same way through the Lava Tower Camp (4630 m), Barranco Camp (3960 m), Karanga Camp (4035 m) and Barafu Camp (4640 m), which is commonly referred to as the Southern circuit. The way down lies through the Mweka route.


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