Altezza Travel Selects the Best Mountain Guides for Climbing Kilimanjaro

An ideal guide for a Kilimanjaro climb – Altezza Travel works with the best professionals

The Moshi-based tour operator Altezza Travel, which specializes in organizing expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro and safari in Tanzania, shares information about its procedures for the selection of mountain guides who accompany the climbers.

Every year 35 000 people take a chance on Africa’s highest peak Mount Kilimanjaro. Mountain guides and porters come to help the enthusiasts. The services of the guides are included in the cost of the program and one cannot refuse them as to the laws of Tanzania. The guides’ level of professionalism determines the outcome of Kilimanjaro climbing, so that each travel agency that takes its reputation seriously, selects the best professionals to work in its team through appropriate screening of the candidates.  

An ideal guide for a Kilimanjaro climb

Altezza Travel’s procedure of shortlisting starts with preliminary tests and interviews, during which over half of the candidates fall out. These are mostly the applicants who do not speak English and lack the required knowledge in medicine and history. The shortlisted candidates undergo testing in physical endurance and training.

The first stage is a marathon towards the Kilimanjaro volcano, followed by push-ups and a number of other exercises. Later on they are tested for the aptitude in the usage of oxygen systems, knowledge of the basic rules of evacuation and installation of tent camps.


The final stage of the screening is a test in the theory of the country’s history, the flora and the fauna of Kilimanjaro volcano and Mount Meru, as well as the background in medical products, first aid for the symptoms of altitude sickness, etc. As a result, in the latest screening in November 2017 only 10 guides joined Altezza Travel out of 84 candidates. Once in the team they undergo extensive training.

So it goes without saying that only professionals with more than 7 years of successful climbing experience and qualified as “First Aid in the Mountains” and “Rescuer” can be admitted as guides to Altezza Travel.


About Altezza Travel

Tanzania based tour operator Altezza Travel specializes in organizing expeditions to Mount Kilimanjaro and safari tours in Tanzania National Parks.

Booking Kilimanjaro climbing and safari tour adventures with Altezza Travel means:

  • State-of-the-art equipment and gear – the most reliable brands only;
  • Professional guides – all Wilderness First Responders;
  • All routes available – from panoramic Lemosho to challenging Umbwe route!
  • All-inclusive climbs – we take care of everything!
  • Personal fleet of SUVs, with all necessary equipment
  • Professional safari drivers;
  • Best hotels and lodges;
  • No agency commissions – book directly with the most innovative climbing company!

Drop us a line at Our climbing experts are always on duty to help you with planning a lifetime adventure. All climbs are safe and comfortable!


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