Lion Safari Tours in Tanzania


Lion safari in Tanzania

Disney’s world-famous “King Lion” cartoon was inspired by the beauty of Tanzania’s nature. And now the National Reserves of Tanzania accommodates one of the highest pride of lions in the entire world. We created our Tanzania safari to ensure you have the opportunity to see the great predators. Discover the lifestyles of these majestic animals.

Immerse into the lion safari experience in the midst of Eastern Africa

African lion safari tour is an unforgettable experience. Tanzania is without doubt the best place to immerse into lifestyles, habits, habitats of these raptorial animals in the fantastic lion safari. Your lion safari in Tanzania trip will include: panoramic views of Serengeti with hundreds of lions leading the Great Wildebeest Migration; magnetic Ngorongoro valley with the largest population of mammals, watching the daily drama of native Africa wildlife animals; thrilling active lions of the National Park of Tarangire.

Our experienced tour leaders will guide you to the best places occupied by the lions of Tanzania. The experts of our company will tell you all about the habitat and behaviour of the king of the animals. You will not forget the lion safari in Africa with us!


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