Rhino Safaris in the heart of Tanzania


Unique Rhino Safari tours with Altezza Travel


Explore Tanzania at its rawest. Discover the Wild. Relish the drama of the wildlife, wilderness of Africa and its culture. Meet the unique landscapes of the Dark Continent. Altezza Travel has a perfect blend of wonderful Tanzania safari tours and best places to show our guests in this amazing country.

Unique Rhino Safaris with Altezza Travel

Rhino safari tours with us are in the areas of true wildlife of Serengeti and Ngorongoro, which are known for their large rhino populations. Beautiful rhinos wander in the savannahs of Tanzania, waiting for you to come see them.

In your rhino safari with Altezza Travel you will be accompanied by professional wildlife guides, who have great knowledge about the National Park. The safari-adjusted Land Cruisers of Altezza Travel and the best lodges of wildlife will make your tour experience comfortable. You will enjoy the pristine nature in the day and the generous hospitality of Africa in the evening.


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