Jackal Safari Tours

Jackal safari tours in Tanzania

For impressive tours in the heart of East Africa, Tanzania remains the unmatched choice destination for wild safari, hosting remarkable populace of native cum endangered species. Wonderful Tanzania safari holidays await you.

Thrilling Jackal Safari Adventures in Tanzania

These medium-sized omnivorous mammals are quite inglorious in the savanna for scavenging the preys of other beasts. Anyways the African savannah wouldn’t be complete without flocks of roaming jackals with long legs and canine teeth, who chase reptiles, small birds and other mammals, as well as steal preys of other hunters. Aggressive, quick and cunning, jackals are an excellent choice when it comes to an African safari.

With a team of skillful and experienced guides you will be able to explore the lifestyle and habitats of jackals during an exceptional jackal safari trip in Tanzania’s savannah. Your safety is our top priority.  


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