Vulture Safari Adventures in Tanzania


Vulture Safari Adventures in Tanzania

Explore the African continent hand in hand with a professional team of Altezza Travel. Delve into the verdure of Serengeti, amazing vistas and mesmerizing landscapes of Ngorongoro crater with Altezza’s well-designed Tanzania safari packages.


Exceptional Vulture Safari and Birdwatching in Tanzania

Being home to over 1150 exotic species of birds Tanzania attracts thousands of bird-fanciers every year. Tanzania Travel offers exceptional vulture safari trips, during which you will have a chance to encounter one of the largest and wildest birds of the savannah. Aggressive, malicious and rascal vultures no doubt make an indispensable part of the African ecosystem and are number one fighters with epidemics.

Your trip to the savannah will be guided and safeguarded by our experienced wildlife experts who will show you every in and out and introduce you to the exciting life in African wild lands. Our safari cars are equipped with all necessary devices for a comfortable and insightful trip, including professional binoculars, chargers, fridges and cosy seats.


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