Vervet Monkey Safari Tours

Vervet monkey
Vervet Monkey Safari Tours in Tanzania

Behold the true wilderness of East Africa. Exotic sanctuaries and unforgettable safari tours in Tanzania. The Great Savannah is waiting for you with a warm embrace to give you memories of your lifetime.

Unforgettable vervet monkey safari tours in Tanzania

Vervet monkey safari offered by Altezza Travel is not just another trip in the savannah. It’s one of the most fabulous and unforgettable experiences that one can enjoy in the National Parks of Tanzania. Why so?

Vervet monkeys are one of the most friendly, sociable and funny animals with a playful spirit and lots of curious habits.They unfailingly capture the interest of adventurous tourists and make their safari experience absolutely unforgettable and impressive.

Our experienced guides know exactly what a curious traveler is up to, so that your vervet monkey safari trip with Altezza Travel will fill your day with joy and positive emotions, so that you will leave the savannah with a broad smile.


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