Crocodile Safari Expeditions in Tanzania

Crocodile Safari Expeditions in Tanzania

African crocodiles are famous “film stars” and following the Great Migration travellers you will have a chance to meet the “celebrities” and other massive friends on safari tours in Tanzania.

Impressive crocodile safari tours in the wildlands

The rivers of Tanzania are abundant in crocodiles that lie lazily by the shores awaiting an imprudent prey to fall victim. However, they are also keen on orchestrating fierce combats with leopards, lions, buffalos and other inhabitants of the savannah.

To witness these savage battles you should rather plan your trip during the Great Migration period which is definitely the best season for a crocodile safari.

With our well-trained guides you can safely explore the wetlands of Tanzania watching the crocodiles and discovering interesting facts of their lifestyle.

Book a crocodile safari with Altezza Travel and step into the wilderness with a reliable partner.



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