Kudu Antelope Safari Tours in Tanzania

Incredible wildlife safaris in Tanzania. Amazing wildlife sanctuaries, secrets of the savannah, mesmerizing beauty of the pristine nature. The Lost World at its wildest to be explored in East Africa. Kudu Safari Tours with Altezza Travel Tanzania is rich in exotic species but Kudus are no doubt the most numerous and curious kind to explore … Continue reading Kudu Antelope Safari Tours in Tanzania


Crocodile Safari Expeditions in Tanzania

African crocodiles are famous “film stars” and following the Great Migration travellers you will have a chance to meet the “celebrities” and other massive friends on safari tours in Tanzania. Impressive crocodile safari tours in the wildlands The rivers of Tanzania are abundant in crocodiles that lie lazily by the shores awaiting an imprudent prey … Continue reading Crocodile Safari Expeditions in Tanzania

One of a Kind adventures in National Parks of Tanzania

Every day groups of enthusiasts set out for a wild safari in Tanzania. Join them now and enjoy incredible encounters with the exotic African fauna together with our professional and knowledgeable guides. Secretary Bird Safari in East Africa With over 1100 species of birds, Tanzania is a paradise for ornithologists. That being said secretary bird safari … Continue reading One of a Kind adventures in National Parks of Tanzania

Dik-Dik Antelope Safari in National Parks of Tanzania

Flying to the other hemisphere for a trip into the wilderness? East Africa is an excellent destination for curious and adventurous explorers. You will never be the same after Tanzania safari tours in the verdure of Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks! Insightful safari tours in Tanzania Around 60 cm long and 40 cm tall … Continue reading Dik-Dik Antelope Safari in National Parks of Tanzania

Vervet Monkey Safari Tours

Behold the true wilderness of East Africa. Exotic sanctuaries and unforgettable safari tours in Tanzania. The Great Savannah is waiting for you with a warm embrace to give you memories of your lifetime. Unforgettable vervet monkey safari tours in Tanzania Vervet monkey safari offered by Altezza Travel is not just another trip in the savannah. … Continue reading Vervet Monkey Safari Tours

Egyptian Goose Safari Tours

Walk in the footsteps of East African pioneers. Explore the life of wild beasts. Enjoy an incredible Tanzania safari in the virgin nature among a fascinating number of wild species. Insightful Wildlife Expeditions in Tanzania First domesticated by the natives of Egypt, Egyptian geese were considered sacred and thus appeared in the artwork of ancient … Continue reading Egyptian Goose Safari Tours