Vulture Safari Adventures in Tanzania

  Explore the African continent hand in hand with a professional team of Altezza Travel. Delve into the verdure of Serengeti, amazing vistas and mesmerizing landscapes of Ngorongoro crater with Altezza's well-designed Tanzania safari packages.   Exceptional Vulture Safari and Birdwatching in Tanzania Being home to over 1150 exotic species of birds Tanzania attracts thousands … Continue reading Vulture Safari Adventures in Tanzania

Waterbuck Safari trips in National Parks of Tanzania

Delve into the mesmerizing beauty of the National Parks of Tanzania! Explore the wilderness of East Africa and expand your horizons by visiting amazing National Parks of Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro on a safari in Tanzania with Altezza Travel. Memorable Waterbuck Safari Tours in Tanzania The African continent is home to various species of antelopes, … Continue reading Waterbuck Safari trips in National Parks of Tanzania

Jackal Safari Tours

For impressive tours in the heart of East Africa, Tanzania remains the unmatched choice destination for wild safari, hosting remarkable populace of native cum endangered species. Wonderful Tanzania safari holidays await you. Thrilling Jackal Safari Adventures in Tanzania These medium-sized omnivorous mammals are quite inglorious in the savanna for scavenging the preys of other beasts. … Continue reading Jackal Safari Tours

Hyena Safari Trips in Tanzania

The professional prowess of Altezza Travel based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro ensures enriched Tanzania safari experience. The imposing impressions of the scenery of Serengeti National Park, and luxuriant growth of the renowned baobab tree and other exotic species adorn Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks. Amazing hyena safari in Tanzania jungles Currently, hyenas are on the brink of … Continue reading Hyena Safari Trips in Tanzania

Buffalo Safari Trips in Tanzania

Explore the world of the WIld together with the best traveling companion - Altezza Travel. The experienced wildlife tour leaders will guide you throughout your safari tour in Tanzania savannah, meeting the rarest wild animals. As the land of rich fauna and flora, Tanzania will make your adventure a lifetime experience. Mesmerizing buffalo safari trips … Continue reading Buffalo Safari Trips in Tanzania

Warthog Safaris in the heart of Tanzania

Enjoy your safari in Tanzania savannahs with our team - Altezza Travel. Explore the pristine wilderness of Africa with its unique wildlife. Make your childhood dreams come true, and travel to the world of the wild! A memorable warthog safari is waiting for you! The warthog resembles a wild boar with a slightly flattened, very large head. … Continue reading Warthog Safaris in the heart of Tanzania

Ostrich Safari Trips in Tanzania

Explore the pristine nature of magical Africa. Enjoy Tanzania safari tours in the plains of the Great Savannah, and meet thousands of wild creatures in their natural environment. The riches of Tanzania, its fauna and flora, highest density of mammals and birds in the entire world. One and only exotic wildlife is waiting for you! … Continue reading Ostrich Safari Trips in Tanzania

Klipspringer Safari trips in Tanzania

  Set forth to a memorable safari to Tanzania with Altezza Travel. Discover the wildlife sanctuaries of the unique country. Witness the grandeur of the African nature at its rawest and wildest. Breathtaking landscapes and free-roaming wild animals await, so you can come encounter them.   Klipspringer Antelope Safari experience in Tanzania National Reserves of … Continue reading Klipspringer Safari trips in Tanzania