Kudu Antelope Safari Tours in Tanzania

Incredible wildlife safaris in Tanzania. Amazing wildlife sanctuaries, secrets of the savannah, mesmerizing beauty of the pristine nature. The Lost World at its wildest to be explored in East Africa. Kudu Safari Tours with Altezza Travel Tanzania is rich in exotic species but Kudus are no doubt the most numerous and curious kind to explore … Continue reading Kudu Antelope Safari Tours in Tanzania

One of a Kind adventures in National Parks of Tanzania

Every day groups of enthusiasts set out for a wild safari in Tanzania. Join them now and enjoy incredible encounters with the exotic African fauna together with our professional and knowledgeable guides. Secretary Bird Safari in East Africa With over 1100 species of birds, Tanzania is a paradise for ornithologists. That being said secretary bird safari … Continue reading One of a Kind adventures in National Parks of Tanzania

Vervet Monkey Safari Tours

Behold the true wilderness of East Africa. Exotic sanctuaries and unforgettable safari tours in Tanzania. The Great Savannah is waiting for you with a warm embrace to give you memories of your lifetime. Unforgettable vervet monkey safari tours in Tanzania Vervet monkey safari offered by Altezza Travel is not just another trip in the savannah. … Continue reading Vervet Monkey Safari Tours

Klipspringer Safari trips in Tanzania

  Set forth to a memorable safari to Tanzania with Altezza Travel. Discover the wildlife sanctuaries of the unique country. Witness the grandeur of the African nature at its rawest and wildest. Breathtaking landscapes and free-roaming wild animals await, so you can come encounter them.   Klipspringer Antelope Safari experience in Tanzania National Reserves of … Continue reading Klipspringer Safari trips in Tanzania

Fascinating Impala Safari Trips in Tanzania

Explore unique theater of African nature with Tanzania safari tours by Altezza Travel. With the incontestable experience and professionalism that our safari tour guides have, they will lead your way right to the most remote places of the wildlife sanctuaries of Eastern Africa. Unforgettable impala safari tours in the midst of Tanzania As Tanzania has … Continue reading Fascinating Impala Safari Trips in Tanzania

Giraffe Safari Trips in Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania is the preferred choice for tourism in the heartland of Tanzania, imbued with exotic wildlife species. The beauty of Serengeti, one of the amazing places on earth to observe animals like lions, cheetahs, giraffes and others in the wild. Tarangire, one of the most visited and renowned nature reserves in Tanzania. … Continue reading Giraffe Safari Trips in Tanzania