Safaris in Tanzania


“Safari” is an Arabic word, which simply means “journey”. European colonizers called their hunting expeditions to Africa “safari”. In the modern world, the so-called bloodless safaris (with a camera instead of a rifle) have become one of the most popular and fascinating types of tourism on the African continent.

Tanzania is the best place for safari entertainment in Africa. The famous hunting reserves occupy a quarter of the picturesque territory of the country. The climate is mostly equatorial – monsoon. The best time for safari in Tanzania is from December to mid-March and from July to November. There are two rainy seasons: the heavy one, which is in April and May, when there are quite heavy showers and the season of small rains starting from the end of September to the beginning of November. In the north there are two rainy seasons (March – May and September – November), in the south, there is only one (November – April).

Interesting Facts about Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is a very interesting country for African safari, during which you can see a large number of wild animals. Did you know that the largest number of African animals, nearly 20% live in Tanzania and 30% of all African lions and 25% of all African cheetahs and leopards are found in the abovementioned country? Only here one can observe the most unique phenomenon in Africa – the Great Migration of Animals for 10 months continuously. The most unique crater reserve in the world, the Ngorongoro also shows its proud presence here. There are 30,000 animals in the most popular National park in Africa, called the Serengeti, with the largest concentration of artiodactyls (4.5 million). If you are lucky enough to have a truly professional safari guide, you will have the chance to see monkeys, cheetahs, hyenas, herds of elephants, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes and a huge number of birds and exotic plants.

Rules of Conduct during Wildlife Safaris in Tanzania

The expanses of Tanzania are huge and wildlife safaris in Tanzania can sometimes become exhausting on the roads. Therefore, plan to stay longer in two or three parks. You will get more impressions and won’t go back home exhausted. When visiting the parks there are certain rules that should be strictly observed for your own safety. For example, stay away from animals and keep quiet so as not to frighten them away. Strictly observe all instructions given by park rangers and guides. Do not leave the car in the park unless the place is specifically designed for this purpose. Walk along the special paths to avoid damaging the flora.

Group and Individual Safari Tours in Tanzania

Arusha is the main center for tourism in Tanzania. This city is located near the foot of the Kilimanjaro volcano and is surrounded by the best national parks in the country. Most of the tourist routes start here. The northern Tanzania safari Tour includes the northern routes of the country, with visits to the National parks of Arusha, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Tarangire. The southern Tanzania safari goes through the south routes in the hunting reserve Selous, National parks Mikumi and Ruach. Tanzania safari tours can be arranged for both individuals and groups. Many travel companies that organize safaris in Tanzania offer to join group tours with fixed dates and prices. If the traveler wants to enjoy the beauty of the National Parks and high level of hospitality, the cost for such Tanzania safaris will be remarkably higher.

What is included in the cost of the African Safari

Tanzania safari prices depend on the level of service and the total duration of the trip. Among the mandatory expenses that have to be considered are:

  • Transfer to the hotel of Arusha from the airport and back;
  • Hotel accommodation before and after the safari;
  • National park entrance fees included in the route;
  • Payment for lodges (lodges are special places for tourists, in the heart of wild nature);
  • Food;
  • Car rent with a professional driver-guide;
  • Travel insurance for the tour period;
  • Visa fees;
  • Tanzania safari tips for the guide (approximately $ 30-50 per day).



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