Mongoose Safari Tours

Mongoose Safari in Tanzania

East Africa at the wildest and the rawest is waiting for you to show its natural wonders on safari in Tanzania. Breathtaking experience with the wild flora and fauna, as well as the mesmerizing beauty of the savanna make Tanzania a must-see for enthusiasts of wildlife.

Amazing trips for true enthusiasts

By booking a mongoose safari trip with Altezza Travel you treat yourself to a thrilling adventure of a lifetime. Commonly known for their exceptional artifice, these small feliform carnivorans easily thrash large snakes, reptiles and birds. If you are keen on wildlife and are eager to go on a mongoose safari trip, Tanzania is by far the best place to head for.

Our knowledgeable and most importantly enthusiastic guides treat each expedition individually and make sure every traveler leaves the savannah with the best impressions and lots of positive experiences.

Book a mongoose safari trip with Altezza Travel! Entrust your adventure to professionals.


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