Egyptian Goose Safari Tours

Egyptian goose
Egyptian Goose Safari in Tanzania

Walk in the footsteps of East African pioneers. Explore the life of wild beasts. Enjoy an incredible Tanzania safari in the virgin nature among a fascinating number of wild species.

Insightful Wildlife Expeditions in Tanzania

First domesticated by the natives of Egypt, Egyptian geese were considered sacred and thus appeared in the artwork of ancient civilizations. Presently they make an important part of the East African ecosystem. On the African continent Tanzania is known to be home to the largest population of these birds, which makes it a top choice for Egyptian goose safari. Anyone who has ever plunged into the breathtaking experience of Egyptian goose safari, will keep it in the memory for a lifetime.

In addition to vast knowledge of the savannah, our guides also have solid background in ornithology. These highly qualified experts will guide you to the areas with the highest population of Egyptian geese and make your trip even more insightful by sharing hundreds of interesting facts about the lives of wild birds.


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